Two control consoles from USS Heisenberg

The computer interface and control systems aboard USS Heisenberg are radically different from most Starfleet vessels launched before it.


The controls available on Heisenberg are dedicated on a per-station layout, unlike previous designs where the user's preferred control layout was available to them regardless of the station they decided to log into. For safety reasons, no high-energy EPS taps or power flow systems are present behind any control console aboard Heisenberg, so as to prevent the "exploding controls" phenomenon that has plagued Starfleet ships since the mid-2200s. Further, forcefield emitters are integrated into all seating placed at control consoles, so as to provide for the safety of the crew - Under the inertial damper lag commonly suffered by overpowered spacecraft like the Heisenberg during combat, the crew will not be flung about the interior, causing damage to expensive hardware and wetware.


The computer cores and distributed hardware blocks all run Starfleet's standard Library Computer Access and Retrieval System 44.02E.3, a robust and combat-proven secure operating system. However, not all consoles aboard Heisenberg have been updated to display the user interface from the LCARS 44 series operating system, so in sections of the spaceframe retaining the original control layouts, the older LCARS 28.J71.0 interface is displayed. To this end, crew have been cross-trained on both versions of the user interface. It was originally the Engineering Division's plan to replace all consoles with one or the other format, but such repairs are rather sadly no longer going to happen.