All key operating systems and subsystems aboard the Heisenberg have a number of preprogrammed diagnostic software and procedures for use when actual or potential malfunctions are experienced. These various diagnostic protocols are generally classified into six different levels, each offering a different degree of crew verification of automated tests. Which type of diagnostic is used in a given situation will generally depend upon the criticality of a situation, and upon the amount of time available for the test procedures.

Level 5 Edit

This automated procedure is intended for routine use to verify system performance. Level 5 diagnostics, which usually require less than 2.5 seconds, are typically performed on most systems on at least a daily basis, and are also performed during crisis situations when time and system resources are carefully managed.

Level 4 Edit

This automated procedure is intended for use whenever trouble is suspected with a given system. This protocol is similar to Level 5, but involves more sophisticated batteries of automated diagnostics. For most systems, Level 4 diagnostics can be performed in under 30 seconds.

Level 3 Edit

This protocol involves crew verification of only key mechanics and systems readings. Level 3 diagnostics are intended to be performed in ten minutes or less.

Level 2 Edit

This refers to a comprehensive system diagnostic protocol which involves extensive automated routines, but requires crew verification of many operational elements. This yields a somewhat less reliable system analysis than a more advanced Level 1 diagnostic, but is a procedure that can be conducted in less than half the time of the more complex tests.

Level 1 Edit

This refers to the most comprehensive type of system diagnostic which is normally conducted on ship's systems. Extensive automated check routines are performed, but a Level 1 diagnostic requires a team of crew members to physically verify operation of system mechanisms and to system readings, rather than depending on the automated programs, thereby guarding against possible malfunctions in self-testing hardware and software.
Level 1 diagnostics on major systems can take several hours, and in many cases the subject system must be taken off-line for all tests to be performed.

Level 0 Edit

This class of diagnostic and repair task is only undertaken on systems of extremely high importance, and typically is only performed within drydock. A Level 0 diagnostic involves a complete mechanical breakdown of the equipment being surveyed, followed by a careful analysis of every component of the system. This is followed by a thorough cleaning, repair or replacement of any damaged components, and a rebuild of the unit.
Level 0 diagnostics take a large team of trained crew members several days to complete.