Elyin 197
Rank EllyRank
Position Chief Astrogator
USS Heisenberg NX-2401
Age 26
Gender Hermaphrodite
Race Hermat
Birthplace Ishkara Refinery Settlement, Teridus IV
Uniform Yoke Purple
Division Astrogation
Previous Assignment USS Excalibur, NCV-1664-D

Elyin - known as El or Elly to her friends - was born on a Hermat Directorate mining platform in the Teridus system. Teridus IV was a known-about-but-seldom-talked-about planet for most of the Directorate's history; after all, it was just a ball of rock and ice in the middle of nowhere, why would anyone care about it? That all changed, however, when an object roughly the size of Earth's moon swung out of Teridus' Oort cloud and crashed right into the lonely planet. The resulting impact left a veritable cornucopia of valuable elements scattered throughout the system, effectively gave the place a new asteroid belt, and spawned a swarm of prospectors from Hermat-controlled systems and beyond, all headed towards Teridus in an effort to get rich quick.

With this rush of people came an outpouring of xenophobia from the Hermat people. Politics in mind, the Directorate's Elders successfully bought off most - if not all - of the claims to the system, adding it to the trickling list of names under their flag. Plans to oust the foreigners were set into motion, and the Teridus system quickly became a small Mecca of commerce within their own society.

Elyin's mother was one of the first Hermat to arrive in system, and she helped with the construction of the Directorate's largest, free-floating settlement: Ishkara. After eloping with another member of their species, Elyin was born and raised amongst the miners of the Directorate, and any traders or travelers of species the Elders eventually allowed passage. As such, The Federation's Starfleet remained a constant in Elyin's world. Ships from the UFP seemed to be arriving every day, bringing interesting people and ideas with them, and it's safe to say she was infatuated with the exploration life from an early age.

After reaching adulthood, Elyin was quick to sign up for Starfleet Academy, and even quicker to jump into the Starfleet Marine program. Growing up with the tales of daring miner-pilots that survived the wiles of her home-system against all odds left her with an insatiable urge to fly, and the Astrogation branch of the Marines seemed like the best way to learn how to become one of those legends.

With her Basic out of the way, Elyin was assigned to be the helm officer of the USS Excalibur NCV-1664-D for her first posting. With a successful voyage under her belt, she put in a request to be transferred to the Federation's experimental USS Heisenberg. Getting her assignment took too many letters of recommendation from her superior officers, but she managed to get the spot, much to her delight.

First Lieutenant Elyin 197 is presumed lost with the rest of the Heisenberg's hands after her maiden voyage.