Starfleet officers are awesome, but they still (for the most part) have the pesky limitations which come from being members of their species. Starfleet provides its officers with an array of equipment to extend their ability to do their job; without his kit and his crew, the legendary James Tiberius Kirk is reduced to a promiscuous showoff with a strong sense of duty.

Basic EquipmentEdit

There are some things that everyone has with them all the time. They provide a function that is essential or simply extremely useful. Such things are grouped into this category. The basic equipment issued to everyone on the Heisenberg consists of:

  • A programmable-pigment Uniform.
  • A Communicator Badge, capable of powering and patterning the uniform, as well as acting as a login token for identifying the user.
  • A Wrist Tricorder, also capable of powering and patterning the uniform.
  • A Type-1 Phaser, able to be recharged on the user's nightstand or any other inductive charging surface.
  • A Wristlight.

Away TeamEdit

When leaving the ship, there are some things that are simply invaluable. Going down with your basic gear is fine if it's time for a diplomatic mission. If trouble is expected, though, it's smart to tote some gear that's better suited to hazardous conditions in addition.