Fordan Zona was joined relatively early; at the time of joining, he was working in the Academy as a secretary to help pay educational fees. Having earned a joint doctorate in parasitology and microbiology, Fordan Gant returned to the Science Academy and began working under Professor Daeman Ral, whose project on the isoboramine transmission cascade in unjoined Trill started as a doctorate thesis and became an ongoing project due to the unprecedented complexity of the subject.

In 2323 Fordan came to a sudden realisation regarding a handful of somewhat mysterious pathways which linked the symbiosis chamber with the brain; they seemed to be connected with the process of joining with a symbiont, but more than half of the population possessed it. Traditional thinking held that only a minority of Trill were capable of joining; however, it was Fordan's realisation that this was very much not the case. Ral agreed with the finding and was eager to publish the finding, but at Fordan's insistence neglected to publish the information.

Instead, Fordan took the results to the ruling council and there made a speech in which he advocated withholding this information from the public; if the information got into the wrong hands, he said, the symbionts would become commodities to be bought and traded like slaves. The legislature readily agreed that this was utterly unthinkable, the Symbiosis Commission was notified and tasked with the job of maintaining the widescale coverup.

Fordan continued his work with Ral into isoboramine pathways until the latter's death in 2331, at which point he retired, dabbling in botany in his old age. He died in his sleep in 2342, and the symbiont was again passed on. He was succeeded by his wife and two children, a son Venaren and a daughter Daera.

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