Gant is a Trill symbiont, a vermiform organ approximately six to eight inches long which is essentially a brain packaged with a short-term vital supply. The symbionts rely on the physiology of their Trill hosts to survive, but given a succession of hosts an individual symbiont can survive for a matter of centuries.

Born in 2137 in the pools of Mak'ala on Trill like every other symbiont before it and (so far as it knows) every symbiont after it, Gant's time as a hosted symbiont has led to it experiencing much of the scientific world, and has become known among the Trill people as an excellent analyst and scientist. Contained within its memories are an astronomer, a geologist, a parasitologist, and a warp theoretician; the current host is Captain Javen Gant, a linguist and Starfleet officer currently serving as commanding officer of the USS Heisenberg.

The hosts of Gant