Leira Torain
Rank TorainRank
Position Chief Tactical Officer
USS Heisenberg NX-2401
Age 28
Gender Female
Race Human / Chameloid
Birthplace Colony Hospital, Dessica II
Uniform Yoke Silver
Division Security
Previous Assignment USS Musashi NCC-7615

Leira Torain was born in 2363 to Felicity and Benjamin Torain, a pair of scientists on an unplanned Federation colony which had grown around a monitoring station on Dessica II, a planet located in the Romulan Neutral Zone near Federation space. It became of minor strategic importance in 2364 following the cessation of Romulan isolationism, but fielded a number of attacks by Romulan vessels in the prelude to the Dominion War before falling into a state of deep corruption by 2370.

In 2369 a Tal Shiar-operated vessel snatched the young family, including seven-year-old Leira, and took them to an unknown location in Romulan space. The operatives there wished to assess the compatibility of human beings with a chameloid, Karlia, they had captured some years before, with the intention of creating a being to infiltrate the Federation; the experimentation resulted in the death of both Leira's parents. The Romulans had a minor success when they transferred Leira's mind into the chameloid body, but the distraught seven-year-old was unable to control her shapeshifting abilities and quickly laid waste to the research station.

She eventually calmed down in time for the arrival of the USS Musashi, which had been sent to investigate the monitoring station's distress call and followed the Romulan vessel's last known position and heading. Under the caring eye of Starfleet Medical over the next couple of years she learned to better control her shapeshifting abilities; Section 31 expressed a wish to use her to infiltrate the Dominion at the highest level, but eventually dismissed the idea as unfeasible and unnecessary, and Leira enrolled in Starfleet Academy to catch up on the youth she missed.

There Leira discovered that she had something of a knack for tactical operations, even going so far as to attempt the highly unusual maneuver when taking the Kobayashi Maru simulation of beaming her crew onto the stricken freighter and ramming her original ship into the Klingon warships in an attempt to destroy them. This prowess gained her a commendation for original thinking, and would eventually catch the patient eyes of Temporal Investigations personnel.

In the intervening years Keira accepted a post aboard the very same USS Musashi which so many years ago had saved her from the barren planetoid the Tal Shiar experimenters had called home. Aboard this ship she rose modestly through the ranks to become a full Lieutenant; her ability to assume different forms came in extremely handy, since while she lacked the versatility of form of the Founders native to the Gamma Quadrant she was much better at emulating specific details of humanoids such as faces. In 2390 she accepted a transfer to the experimental ship USS Heisenberg offered to her by Temporal Investigations; unfortunately she, along with all other hands, was lost when the vessel's transwarp test was apparently a failure.