Prazi Gant was born Prazi Kierda in 2130. The Kierda family was one of the wealthier families of Trill, oweing to Doul Kierda (Prazi's father) inheriting his father Karshan's sizeable acelon mine and using his good investment judgement to expand his empire. He also had connections in the Symbiosis Commission, and in 2141 became a field docent. It was during his 20-year docency in 2151 that his daughter received the Gant symbiont, fresh out of the pools at Mak'ala.

Prazi was a keen scientist, taking a number of astronomy courses at the Science Academy. It was during this time in 2164 that an inquiry revealed that the selection of Doul's daughter to become joined was not coincidental; he had in fact pulled a variety of strings to ensure his daughter was selected to be joined.

Both Prazi and her father were required to argue their cases before the legislature; fortunately, her abilities as a public speaker, while not stellar, pulled her through, and the charges against her were dropped when the councillors concluded she had played no part in the proceedings. Her father, on the other hand, was not so lucky, and the ruling council levied a hefty fine on him; while he was able to pay, he was left virtually penniless when his major acelon mine ran dry, and he was reduced to a small-time market trader.

Although shaken by her father's fall from notability, Prazi nonetheless continued operating as a scientist, becoming head of the Trill Science Academy in 2170. She died peacefully in 2205, reportedly while observing the stars through the Academy telescope; the Gant symbiont was passed to its next host.

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