Verun Darva made something of a contrast to Prazi's rather upmarket background; he came from a decidedly uninteresting family, born in 2179 to an engineer and his wife, and more or less lucked his way into receiving the symbiont of the head of the former Trill Science Academy at which he worked as a small-time geological technician to become Verun Gant.

Shortly thereafter, he took a billet on an exploration vessel heading around Trill and more or less disappeared from the public eye, appearing sporadically on the doorsteps of fellow scientists (chiefly geologists, though those in multiple fields reported a visit from him) with a cheerful smile, a bottle of alcohol (self-brewed, it seemed, but nobody was ever quite sure) and an offer of assistance with whatever they happened to be working on in return for a co-author place on any publication.

By all accounts he was a personable fellow, always ready with a joke or an interesting story from his travels; what struck most of the scientists with whom he worked, however, was his ability to spot an anomalous reading or suggest an alternative hypothesis given the data in front of him. However, he never stayed in one place for too long, and managed to combine one of the more prolific authorships in the scientific community of the time with a reputation as a practical recluse.

In 2259 he returned as an aged man to the Trill Science Academy's accident and emergency ward, suffering from a severe case of isoboraminaemia; after a few days with his informed consent the symbiont was extracted from him and passed to the next host, and he died peacefully in the presence of his peers in the scientific community, the closest thing he had to a family.

The hosts of Gant